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Colette Casper

Colette was born In southern Utah and grew up in southeastern Idaho. Her hobbies include hiking, skiing, golfing, cycling, especially endurance cycling, and playing her jaw harps. She has served as a group facilitator and sponsor in addiction recovery. She is an avid animal lover and supporter. She has worked as a school counselor for the last 20 years and loves working at the junior high level. She has served in various school and district leadership positions and is currently serving on the crisis team at both the school and district level. Colette was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease five years ago and recently diagnosed with an active case of Lyme Disease. She is currently undergoing treatment for neurological Lyme as well as Lyme carditis and arthritis and hopes one day to return to her beloved outdoor activities. She has felt firsthand the pain, humiliation and invalidation that Lyme patients experience from many in the outside community. Her goal is to bridge that gap and to help create a place for Lyme patients to come together in support, understanding, and healing.

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