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Dr. Marcus Borges

Multilingual, Board Certify as Doctor in Natural Medicine, Marcus Borges, MD holds an MBA and a Post-doctoral training at UMDNJ, USA. More than 20 years of professional experience provides a strong background in medical practice, research, international business, and health education solutions. Developed research at RWTH-Aachen-Germany, sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation and WHO. Liaised the establishment of Aplagen Biopharmaceutical GmbH-Germany. Experienced as a high executive, and a technical director in different hospitals, and Health Insurance Corporation. Started as a Medical Liaison, was promoted to a Medical Manager and then as a LatAm Regional Manager at Merck Serono. At Glenmark as the Head of the Medical Department with close interaction with the QA and SOPs developed a work also as Compliance Officer. As a CMO of Betta Med/EzColl, LLC helped the expansion of the company to North America and brought a vision of the international market and helped the organization of Betta Med Devices in Utah/USA. Nowadays, as the LLMD (Literate Lyme physician) is the president of the Board for Life Health Centers. The ultimate goal is to bring a new vision for the treatment of Lyme diseases patients and liaise science and effective treatments from around the world to provide the best choice for patients with acute or chronic diseases.

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