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Jamie Maddox

Jamie was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2017, but she had symptoms and other chronic illnesses for many years. Due to Jamie’s love of traveling she is unsure where, or exactly when, she got Lyme Disease. She has currently been to 11 countries, lived and worked in four of them, and has been to a majority of states in the US. Her love of travel and desire to help others led her to start Humanitize Expeditions taking groups to other countries (and locally) to serve. Although Jamie graduated with a Bachelor’s in Recreational Therapy and Youth Leadership, she currently co-owns an accounting and tax business with her father. With all the unexpected things that Lyme disease and health problems bring into life, numbers have been great as they are predictable and controlled. Jamie and her daughter enjoy kayaking, swimming and traveling together, and Jamie also enjoys beaches, reading, baths and moments alone. “Having Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses come with many challenges, but my motto is ‘There’s always a way…we may not like the way, but there’s always a way’. Whether it’s finding a way to survive each day, paying for treatments, remaining positive or finding a new direction in life, there is a way. What will be your way?”

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