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Lori Holt

Although Lori was born and raised in Washington State, she has deep Utah roots with both parents being from southern Utah.  Lori’s remembers her farmer/rancher father pulling an engorged tick from a frightened jackrabbit when she was a little girl.  Little did she know that her life would later be dramatically affected by a tick.   Lori has always spent time outdoors, helping on the farm along with her eight siblings.  She received a degree in Clerical Office Training and began a career in Utah in 1982.  Lori enjoys music, gardening, beaches and mountains.  She and her husband have four children and four grandchildren.   Lori’s daughter was infected from a tick bite in Utah.  Because her family’s journey in seeking medical help and acknowledgement of the disease was so difficult, Lori feels passionate about helping others facing similar circumstances. She has gained a broad understanding about Lyme disease and related conditions through extensive study.   Lori’s goals in serving on the UCLD Board are to better represent the entire state and to substantiate that Lyme IS present in Utah. One of her responsibilities for UCLD is to produce the monthly newsletter.

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