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Tom Fredrickson

Tom Fredrickson is a Utah native growing up on the east benches of Salt Lake City and Sandy. During these years Tom enjoyed his free time snow skiing, hiking and cycling. Tom studied Electronics Technology at Brigham Young University and now works for a Dallas based company as a programmer and analyst.  In 1992 Tom moved to Arizona where he met his wife Susie Gardner. They have five children and in 2009 moved their family from Mesa Arizona to Saratoga Springs Utah. Tom’s hobbies today include operating an amateur radio station and holds a General class license from the FCC. He recently served as Treasurer on the board of the Utah DX Association (UDXA), a club of amateur radio enthusiasts interested in long distance communications.   Tom was diagnosed with Lyme disease in early 2016 after months of being extremely ill. A few months later, 2 of his teenage daughters were also diagnosed with Lyme disease.   “There are many more people who are sick with Lyme disease than our state and federal health agency officials and doctors are willing to admit. Many are marginalized and told that they cannot get Lyme in Utah. They are gaslighted and told that their symptoms are psychosomatic. My goal is to reach those within our community who are sick and let them know that they are not alone, that they have friends and a safe place to collaborate within the coalition.”

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